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Icecraft 1.12!

By TheLonelyGod, July 9, 2017 0 News

Hi guys, I’ve updated the server to the latest version of minecraft!

Have fun with all the fantastic new updates!

In other news, I’ve also started up an Icecraft Discord. Discord is a fast rising well-made communication tool, similar to IRC and Skype.
Discord is free and easy to use, by all means, do not feel obliged to join if you don’t want to. However, seeing as I use discord all the time I thought it would be a good tool to assist with bug reports and such. I’ve been working on a tool to set up communication between in-game and discord just like irc!

Discord can either be downloaded or used in your web browser!
To join just click this link.

Future of IceCraft in 2017 – Happy New Year!

By TheLonelyGod, December 29, 2016 0 News

Hey, guys!
Just jumping on after an update which fixed a lot of problems that were occurring over Christmas. I was away for the Christmas week; a lot has happened in real life.

However, I’m here again! We are now updated to 1.11.2 so if you cannot log in, download the new Minecraft version and you will be good to go!
On top of that, we will be hosting a seven-day New Years event. Just like the Christmas event jump on every day for the first week of 2017 to get some awesome rewards using the /adventcalander command!

In the coming year, I want to help IceCraft become bigger; we’ve already been rocking more players than usual lately! So I need your ideas, check out this forum thread and give me your thoughts. 😀

Holiday Event!

By TheLonelyGod, December 3, 2016 0 News

Hey guys!

Just another quick update, I’ve introduced a new awesome Holiday update. From now until December 25th get free rewards every day by doing /adventcalendar
Catch a Regular member online for more rewards, Regulars can do /christmas start santa which will spawn a gift-giving santa!

Have fun everyone!

IceCraft 1.11 Open Beta

By TheLonelyGod, November 24, 2016 0 News

Hey guys!

Just a quick update to let everyone know we’re in open beta for Minecraft 1.11, there may be some bugs/issues but they shouldn’t be too intense.

Please report any bugs or issues here.

The New Donator Shop

By TheLonelyGod, July 20, 2016 1 News

Alright, so you’ve all been waiting for the news regarding the new Donator ranks. Well, we can now reveal all the juicy details!

The New Stuff!

In early August the new Donator ranks will go active, along with our new donation shop, powered by Buycraft. The new ranks will be;

  • Polar ($15.00)
  • Frost ($20.00)
  • Alpine ($25.00)
  • Aurora ($30.00)
  • Glacial ($40.00)

Each rank will be packed with many fun EULA-friendly features such as mounts, pets, unique multicolour prefixes and much much more! Prices will range from $15-$40, and we’ll have regular specials and discounts in the shop as well.

What does this mean for the current donators?

Don’t worry guys, you won’t lose your current rank! All you goldies and greenies will keep your current features and permissions (come on you guys paid for it why would we take it away?)


The Icecraft Team

Icecraft Reset Date

By TheLonelyGod, July 1, 2016 0 News

Hey Icecraftians!

You all voted for a reset and have been waiting patiently for the reset to happen.

The reset will start on the 8th of July, the server will be down for around 2 days, we’re hoping less but it could be more. The reason for this is we are adding a lot of new features we are sure you will love, some of which you may have heard talked about in game.

Buildings to be moved will be finalized on the Wednesday before, So if you would like things moved please put your book in the box at spawn as soon as possible.


  • We will be adding a hub and using the wonderful spawn that the server made together as a team a couple of years ago. The hub will be in its own world with portals to the new worlds.
  • New Worlds, we will be adding a creative plot world to the hub as well as testing a couple of beta survival worlds, as well as testing a mini games world.
  • New Ranks, now some of you have seen some of the changes but there’s one more to be made, Our wonderful Regulars will be changed to [Member] and then a new [Regular] Rank added, the [Member] rank will have all the perms of the current [Regular], that won’t be changing but the new [Regular] rank will have a few new perms added.
  • Donor Ranks, We will be adding 4 new EULA friendly donor ranks. People who have currently a Donator or Donator+ rank don’t worry you won’t be losing anything, you will keep your current rank and perks forever even if a new rank is brought.
  • Donor Store, we will be changing the current donor page to a Buycraft shop.
  • Nether and The End will both be reset, and reset every month from here on out.
  • Spawners, Spawners will now be breakable with a silk touch pickaxe as well as for sale in the admin shop (hostile only).

We Appreciate all of your patience and understanding with all of the changes that are happening and the confusion but we’re all sure it will be worth it in the end.


The Icecraft Team

P.S Don’t forget to add the Icecraft Facebook Group HERE

Moving Buildings

By TheLonelyGod, June 27, 2016 0 News

Hey guys,

As we promised we will move your builds if you want, BUT we do have some rules so this doesn’t get too out of hand.

  1.  We will only move 1 build per person.. The reason for this is so that we aren’t moving 10,000 builds and filling up the new map.
  2.  We will be emptying ALL chests that are in your builds.
  3.  All hidden rare blocks will be deleted so even try.

If you would still like to have your build moved there’s a new ice block at the spawn where you can write the warp to the build you want moved. Just push the button to get a book and quill and drop it into the hopper.

Love, The Icecraft Team

Under New Management!

By TheLonelyGod, June 11, 2016 3 News

Hey, guys, it’s TLG, Aev, and PBD here.

We would like to start off saying that IceCraft was our first server, and it is to this day still our home. We have not always been active, but we have always been around. We care very deeply about this server and in saying that, we want the server to remain running as long as possible. We also want the server to flourish. In saying this, we all may know that illusion9 is a very busy guy. He hasn’t had a whole lot of time for the server in the recent years, and it has become much more of a chore to him than it originally was. This, to us, is completely understandable.

Icecraft has been running since early 2011, possibly even late 2010. A lot of time, work and money have been pushed into IceCraft and as a result of everyone’s lives moving on IceCraft has been a little bit neglected. Since the days of playing IceCraft, I have learned a lot regarding running a server. We will not boast; We do not know everything and we may not be the best candidate. However, we asked to purchase the server from Alex/illusion9.

Thankfully, he accepted. We have purchased IceCraft in its entirety. We are now the owners of IceCraft.

As the owners, We feel it is only right to inform you of our plans.

To start off with we would like to let you know, just because we have purchased the server does not mean it is completely ours or that we will be solely running it.
illusion9 has decided he will stay around and assist with technical management.
forshadow4 has offered to assist with funding also.

The first major, definite change we will be making is changing the server to premium. This means cracked clients will no longer be able to connect next week. This was a tough choice to make; We know there are still a few players left who are not premium. We understand you may not be able to afford premium and this may be a huge downer for you.
My reasoning for making IceCraft premium is rather simple. There is a severe lack of support for cracked now. You can’t vote, you can’t advertise, and that’s just a couple of things.

We will be undergoing a lot of bug fixing and plugin replacing just to make sure everything is up and running nice and smoothly.
Current bugs we are aware of:
1. /ms (mobshop) is broken because you pull the eggs out
2. /PVP does not work
3. weird pr glitch where in some prs you own you can do anything but build (no chest access)
5. chicken egg drop rates and growth rates are REALLY weird in chicken farms. (don’t really work for some reason)
6. banners have a weird 7 design limit on them

We will also be changing jr-mod to helper.

As some of us may know there is a new Minecraft update out 1.10. We will be looking into this and considering a server update. This may require a map reset.
As for a map reset, we feel like it should be left up to the community. We will be posting a poll on the forums.

If you have any further suggestions or bug reports, please inform us on IRC, in-game or on the forums.
Thank you, everyone, we hope to have a long future with all of you.

Love, The IceCraft Team.

By alex, March 26, 2016 1 News

Hi guys!

I’ve just updated the server to 1.9. As usual, things seem okay but something could be horribly broken.
If anything seems off please post a forum thread or send me a PM on IRC and I’ll have a look.

P.S. Just a warning, the End will be reset in a few days too.

New things!!

By brookie, March 13, 2016 1 News

Hello, I just wanted to make a quick post saying we now have a tab on the website called “vote” you can also view the page HERE. This page will be updated when new sites are advertised on. Please feel free to vote as much as possible to help grow this server with new players, which will bring more builds, and more importantly new friends to interact with!

You are not forced to vote and do not have to if you do not wish to, however, it will greatly help out the server if you do! One of the best ways to help spread the word is for everyone to invite their friends to join. If we all stick together, we can make IceCraft great again! (Totally stole that from Trump, hopefully he doesn’t sue me)

If you know of any other sites you suggest we advertise on, or if you make a YouTube video of the server and wish to show everyone how awesome it is, please either post it in the comments on this post, or on the forums! We CAN make Ice have 100+ players, but it all starts with the help of each and every one of you. Without the players, minecraft is not as fun!

Thanks for reading!

Love, Brookie