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WINNERS – Unofficial Build Competition (Cadavadorable)

By Cadavadorable, July 27, 2015 1 News

Well it seems only a small number of you could be bothered to participate in the competition, this renders my rewards complete overpowered and frankly I’m not the sort to waste over 70 bucks ranking people up. It’s unfortunate but I only had a few entries. As this is the case I will only announce the top 3. Reasons for why you’re not there, try come up in your own head, you win some, you lose with it.


1. speedyreyz

2. williamyang238

3. Anna_28

While it’s my subjective opinion, rememeber i asked for certain blocks. As well as this, design came into factor also. It’s practical to look nice as well as have certain other qualities to the place. I have nowhere for a bed? No use, I don’t have a crafting table?..wait i asked for that.. etc..etc. Love you all, you’re cute and sexy and whatever else turns you on..but I’ve picked my 3 and they now all owe me $30 for bribery.

Speedy will receive 75k in game.

williamyan238 will receive 50k in game.

Anna_28 will receive rank Regular and 25k in game.

End of my crap to try get people interested that ultimately failed. See you next never. Bye.

Unofficial Build Competition (Cadavadorable)

By Cadavadorable, June 28, 2015 0 News

Hello Icecraft!

There seems to be a lull in activity and player goals at the moment and I wish to remedy that. I want you all to build me something, something amazing.

From what I can gather from super secret special awesome lock-down private-eye staff chat, Illusion9 is working on an edit/alternative coding of the build competition plugin we’re mostly all familiar with. You know, the one that we declare builders with!? COOL OR WHAT?!

Well, to supplement the void between this release and to inject my jizz..I MEAN JAZZ.. into the server, I’m going to issue you all with a challenge. This will be harder on non donators due to the fact this will be judged within the survival world. If you require resources then visit for more information on upgrading.

The Challenge

You must build me some kind of house, sounds innocent enough? Here are my terms;

OUTSIDE: The majority of the outer and inside blocks must consist of netherbrick, stonebricks (any kind), stone, cobblestone, Andesite (any kind) and Diorite (any kind). THIS DOES NOT MEAN ONLY THESE BLOCKS – You can use any other block in conjunction, but it must have a rustic stoney feel! You must use a combination of these blocks mostly!

DECORATION: You may use any blocks you like as decoration inside, bearing in mind it must be to a decent size, not cramped and include essentials such as crafting, enchanting and a vast storage room/system

LIGHTING: Lava/Glowstone/Sealanterns – At least one of these must be included to some degree, torches take up wall space and aren’t efficient, you may use them if you must though.

ARCHITECTURE: Must include a basement for something, it’s up to you what the basement does. The practicality and build “flow” will depend on that.

REDSTONE: Bonus points for using redstone for something, whether it be hiding the building underground, a hidden storage system, potion system..etc. The complexity and stylism of the system will be judged subjectively. I’m opinionated, if you’re taking part..what would I like?

ABOUT ME: Here are some hints about me and my gameplay. I like stone and netherbrick, I like to make underground bunkers because I’m too bad at external designs, I can do internal designs though. I like the colour red, I like lava but subtle. I have a zombie skin and I’m infatuated with thoughts of the dead, rotting, deceased and bones. I love secret areas divided by redstone as long as it’s relevant and explanatory, easy enough to find and follows room flow. I’m not a fan of animals but I enjoy villager torture.

Your challenge has been set

Direct your friends to this post for more competitors. I will not be giving any form of prize to ANYONE if there are not enough entrants. You take the risk of this once you start to build. You should invite more people if you fear there aren’t enough – Don’t waste your time for nothing. I will be checking IPs so don’t try to fool me.

Reply to this thread

Replying to this post indicates you’re entering into the contest. If you build nothing or not enough you’re disqualified and I will discount your name from the total number of entries. Refer to above if you think multiple accounts will bother me. If there are not enough entries after disqualifications, the same result will apply, no prize, no winner.

Team Building

You may build as a team, though you must post a sign declaring who was involved. All logs will be checked. The prize for your position will be split between involved members. Rank ups will not be given.


Yet to be determined. I will award money for the first 3 contenders (assuming there is enough). If any of those 3 is a user, regular or donator account, I will upgrade their rank to either donator or donator+. If you deceive me as a user/regular/donator with spawned items then you and the spawning account will be permanently banned, no reasoning, no excuses, no unbans. Donator+ accounts will receive no upgrade and only in game money.

If you don’t wish to have a rank up then you may request a candidate to receive your rank up prize. Money will still be given though. Your suggestion will be taken into consideration but may not be rewarded.

Time Limit

I’m pretty damn busy with work. Your time limit is 2 weeks but if I HAVE to extend because of my work commitment, you will find so HERE: EXTENDED BY : 0 – TOTAL TIME: 14 DAYS.

Posting your builds

Please protect your builds. If you can’t, ask a member of staff or donator+ to do so for you! Have a warp made by regular+ and post to the following thread:

Don’t make me regret this, you deceive me and I will ban multiple accounts. Play by the rules and we’re sexy pals. “I love you, you love me, we’re a happy family” – Barney The Dinosour



Maintenance (past)

By alex, April 5, 2015 3 News

Edit: Maintenance over, everything went well! So far it appears that most issues have been solved.

The server and website will be down for a few hours on Wednesday (8th April) due to some much needed maintenance; IRC and TeamSpeak should remain operational.

Technicalities ahead! Here’s the plan:

  • Upgrade the RAID controller firmware
  • Add 8 extra GB of RAM (upgrades from donations!)
  • Upgrade ESXi to 5.5.0U2 and hopefully fix some latency issues with the LSI RAID
  • Replace a misbehaving 3com switch which has been causing random network dropouts

Hope it all goes well!

- Alex

Planned downtime

By alex, March 15, 2015 0 News

The server and forums will be down tomorrow morning (16.03 around 8-9am GMT) due to ISP work. I don’t expect it to last longer than an hour.

If it’s taking longer hop on IRC for extra details.

Edit: downtime over

New feature: world map

By alex, March 9, 2015 1 News

Hey guys!

I added a new feature yesterday, an online map so you can see where everyone is. You can browse it here:

By alex, February 25, 2015 15 News

Edit: Server’s up!

Hello! I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on the site, so here goes.

I am truly blown away by the awesome community and the amount of support that I have received so as promised more than a year ago the map reset is now a fact! It’s been a bit of a challenge for me – I have been really pressed for time from university so this has taken a lot longer than it should have. With that being said, I’ll skip the long comments and skip directly to what I believe most of you are interested in reading:

What’s new:

  • New map
  • New hardware
  • Empty banlist
  • Running on Minecraft 1.8

What’s the same as before:

  • Your username and password to log in (note: name changes aren’t supported – you will be treated as a new player)
  • Your rank
  • The old map is still available (read-only) and old warps can be accessed using the /oldwarp command

The map is still very new – It would take us a few weeks to get everything polished out, so please be patient! I hope there won’t be any more technical issues hindering the launch. Stuff is going to change in the days following the launch, but I believe that what we currently have is playable.

That being said, if nothing goes wrong (I seriously hope nothing does!) the server should go up on Wednesday around 10PM GMT (25.02.2015 22:00). This post will be updated tomorrow with additional details on how to connect and a quick intro to the new settlements plugin.


Server Status, Plans & the Future

By Cadavadorable, March 27, 2014 15 News

Yes, I know this is just a bummer of a post to read when you all thought “OMG NEWS!” but yes, we’re still 1.6.2. For all of you having problems joining the server, or not receiving a ping or “offline” in your launcher, that’s the reason why.

On a completely UNRELATED note, unfortunately there’s a temporary issue right now meaning the server appears to be crashing when players join, this WILL be fixed ASAP.

As for the long awaited 1.7/maybe 1.8 now update, I’ll try answer this in a small FAQ as concise as I can. Any further questions can be directed to me on the forums.

Why are we still 1.6.2?

With the addition of different resources, blocks and etc in 1.7, it was highlighted that it would be better to generate a new map due to having used the same one for..well, years. Unfortunately due to whatever circumstances, this was delayed. A lot of the plugins for Icecraft are custom coded by Illusion9, Dmarto and Ruan. Not every time but when there’s a major update or certain code is altered by Mojang, these plugins need to update..such as any plugin. On closer inspection it was noted that as well a new map needing to be generated, the custom plugins would need updating, modifying and in some cases rewritten.

Why are said plugins not updated yet?

Illusion9 actually coded the plugins that seem to be the ones with the issues at the moment. This isn’t slack or bad coding on his part, but because of certain updates to Minecraft it’s necessary. These are the most crucial plugins on Icecraft. The “issue” long term is that as he’s advancing in his education, taking on projects and other things in his life, the time he has to update these things becomes less and less.

Does that mean they’re never going to be updated and that Icecraft is dead with no chance of revival?

No, Icecraft within the past few weeks has been attracting players back for whatever reason, more than it has done over the past several months. As for the plugins, Illusion9 is working on the crucial ones, such as our custom banning system and protection plugins. As for older plugins that have just been “forked” (adapted to work with newer versions of Minecraft), we’re looking into using an alternative that will have continued development by the author while Illu is busy with his personal life.

So what are the plans right now and how long will this take?

At the moment we know there’s a LOT of (semi) manual work involved in transferring information from the “forked” plugins to the alternatives we’re eyeing. There’s no clear set date on when things will update, and yes we’ve been optimistic about things previously. Personally I’m a realist and I would say within a month, the server could definitely be up, as for reality it’s another matter based on Illu’s free time and the awkwardness of converting data.

When this is sorted, will I keep my rank, money or items?

You will most certainly keep your rank, you earned it. Will you keep your money, unknown but entirely possible. Will you keep your items? You’ll have access to enderchests for a certain number of days so you can transfer some or all your items as you see fit. This means there’s no reason for you not to play right now..

..but what about my builds?

You may tear them down and rebuild as you wish, you could also think of it as a way to “spring clean” or refurbish. After the “lock down” on the current map I’ll be taking requests to have builds moved to the new map. Please bear in mind wasting my or other staff time requesting mediocre houses, boxes or even dicks isn’t appreciated. It has to be a build of notable worth or “grandeur”.

What will be new about Icecraft after the new map and etc?

We want to try keep what you loved about playing Icecraft the same but we hope to introduce more minigames of sorts. Please don’t expect a minigame network such as I’m sure you’ve all played on before. Think of it more as an extension to the survival, with ways of making some more money by playing them. An idea we’ve also played with is tokens that may be exchanged for items or money in game.

Is there anything I can do or help with?

Yes, get yourself in the game. I’ve spoken in depth with Illu about the “map reset” and there’s no reason for you not to play. The idea is that we’ll be generating a new world and in time “locking down” the current one. Up until that time you can play freely as you always could. As said above, we’ll even throw in some enderchests so you can TRANSFER YOUR STUFF from the current world to the new one when it’s generated.

I apologise if  I’ve missed something or none of this has answered your questions so far. I’ll add to this post if a crucial question is asked that I have missed. Please refer to the forum topic I’ll be posting shortly where I’ll respond to your questions you have as best I can.

Forum Topic:



1.7 – Map Reset !

By TheLonelyGod, November 7, 2013 2 News

Due to the large map we have and the griefed structures 1.7 along with the new biomes will come a new map !

This means everything WILL be reset, homes, the map, warps etc etc. But never fear! illu is here! Alex, our owner has plans for a museum world where you can re-visit the old map but not edit it. that’s pretty cool don’t ya think?


Upon this map reset there will be maybe 1/2 new plugins and ranks, i can not and will not promise a whole heap of updates/new things however we will DEFINITELY have a new spawn!

We have planned an Icecraft 3.0 with a heap of new plugins and a few new ranks, but this update can not happen if we do not have an active enough server so let your friends know about the server!

It is important to note I TLG, will be moving 1 BUILD per person. this does not apply to anyone and everyone contact TheLonelyG0d on irc or skype if you think you have a worthy build to be transferred. When the reset happens we will hand out an OPTIONAL starter kit (contents are determined by your rank) for everyone.


Remember guys there are ways you can help icecraft and be rewarded!

Use /refer in game for rewards !

Vote + Comment on minestatus and contact TLG


Build Event – Skylands Spawn – Winners :D

By TheLonelyGod, July 19, 2013 4 News

Finally! the build event is over and the winners have been announced!

1. ImHysterical – Builder Tag – Portal 1 and 2 on steam – possibly a visit from illu
2. xCrimes – Builder Tag – illusion9′s head and a visit from illu – Garrys Mod on steam
3. nothingultimate – 100k – Garrys Mod on steam

Runner Ups:
4. dpatel24 – 50k
5. CheekyJoe – 20k

6. S3BAGA – a pat on the back
7. Pixie – 10k + 10 diamonds
8. forshadow4 – a cake
9. tinyfish – 10k + 10 diamonds

Wasn’t in winner voting but did better than all the other semi finalists:

10. HolyShura 10k + 10 diamonds

Thank you for everyone who participated, each semi finalist will receive 2k. Don’t feel down and out if you didn’t get in the top 10, i will be doing my best to incorporate most of the builds into the spawn.

Icecraft News – Issue 1 – Build Event, Minecraft updates and more!

By TheLonelyGod, July 2, 2013 9 News

Headline News:

Minecraft 1.6 is now released!! This update features the long-awaited Horse, as well as some new blocks. Carpets, hardened/stained clay, hay and coal blocks
are all making their debuts on the server, as well as leads and armour sets for horses. Horses (as some of you may know already) come in three configurations
(Donkey, Horse, Mule) and can also be named.

The pre-release of the game is now available, however IceCraft is currently remaining on release 1.5.2 until the full 1.6 bukkit is released. Upgrades to the server
may take some time following the full release, but we will try and get it done as quick as we can for your gaming pleasure!

Recent Promotions/Demotions:

As of 25 June 2013, we have a few new changes to the staff ranks. Unfortunately Duckdodgers595 and armagedan122112 are no longer staff members, but we now
have two new changes! Aevion93 is our newest Mod, and F4ncyM4n96 has returned to the staff fold as a JrMod. Hamza_Ghannam and uosdhoAUD will remain as JrMods
for the time being, however this does not mean we do not appreciate and/or notice their amazing help.


A new build event is now on! Your challenge is to make something cool for the Skylands spawn! Remember, no spamming with water or lava. The comp ends on 10
July, followed by approximately a week of judging by the admins. Have fun!

Of course there will be prizes! As outlined in the original annoucement, prizes are Builder rank of course, the head AND a personal visit from illusion9 (alex, our owner),
as well as (possible) access to the white-listed FTB server, money and other items!


On a more serious note, for quite some time we have been dealing with tons of issues with players cheating in PvP, such as looting and being unclear of the
nature of the battle. THIS IS GETTING OUT OF HAND!!! Players are expected to outline the stakes of the game to each other BEFORE they battle so problems like
this do NOT happen! It is possible rules may be altered in the future if problems like this persist.

Remember, friendly battles mean you get your items back, of course. Unfriendly however means the winning player CAN and most likely WILL keep your items.
Whining and complaining about this will NOT get your items back!

New Towns:

Spectro City (coolmanblue, Bushman_99) /w spectro
Xirodia (Aevion93[owner], TheLonelyG0d[coowner]) /w xirodia

Speak to the players in brackets to gain access to these towns :)

Shop highlight:

ruanshop -  this is a great admin shop with reasonable prices, and lots of items! /warp ruanshop in game

If you have something to add to next months news contact TheLonelyG0d


TheLonelyG0d, Aevion93 (mostly), S3BAGA, forshadow4, Frogger184, Kazza77