Note: All of these apply community-wide insofar as they are applicable to the situations in question.
  1. Do not spam; this most notably includes messages that are some combination of full-caps, lengthy, messy, nonsensical, or repetitive; on Discord, also avoid making excessive/unnecessary noise in voice channels, and be sure to use all channels for their intended purposes.

  2. Do not ask the server staff for any blocks, items, mobs, privileges, or ranks unless they were lost unfairly or for reasons completely beyond your control.

  3. Do not overtly advertise anything; mentioning certain things in passing, such as other Minecraft servers that are very well-known, is usually fine, however.

  4. Do not claim/imply that you’re somebody other than yourself (especially server staff) for any reason.

  5. Do not exhibit/share/use any behaviour, emojis, files, links, mod capes, mod ears, nicknames, skins, text, or usernames that contain, propagate, or represent bigotry/prejudice, bullying, defamation, doxing, flaming, gore/violence, harassment, hate speech, illegal material, jump scares, malware/scams, nudity/pornography, seizure triggers, trolling, or anything similarly disrespectful/harmful/inappropriate/offensive; please also make a special effort to minimize the discussion of vulgar topics in the presence of younger players.

  6. Do not grief; this includes modifying anything within 50 blocks of a player’s build without their permission.

  7. Do not leave the world scattered with thin holes/towers, and do not build any disrespectful/harmful/inappropriate/offensive shapes, structures, or symbols anywhere.

  8. Do not use any cheats or mods that give you an unfair advantage.

  9. Do not attempt or threaten to compromize the server’s integrity or other people’s ability to play using lag machines, exploits, cyberattacks, or anything similar.

  10. Do not ban-evade; this behaviour makes staff far less likely to forgive you, and every additional instance of the same non-compliant player will be banned without hesitation anyway.

  11. Follow the Minecraft Community Standards and the Discord TOS.

  12. Do not look for loopholes in the rules; many are intentionally vague, and the server staff reserves the right to respond to any apparent offenses on a case-by-case basis whilst taking nuances into account.